Gobblers Ridge Lodge LLC
Located in the Beautiful Hills of West Virginia
Duane & Rachel Brown, Innkeepers
1125 Butchers Fork Road,  Linn, WV 26384  Phone (304) 462-4294
Directions to Gobblers Ridge Lodge
From Interstate 79 in West Virginia.
• Take Exit 91 (Roanoke) towards Weston.
(Turn Right if approaching from the South on I-79 or
Turn Left if approaching from the North on I-79)
• Go approximately 1 mile to Copley Road (sign on right side of road).
• Turn left onto Copley Road.
• Stay on double yellow lined road and do not turn on any side road!
• Go approximately 12 miles to the Gobblers Ridge Lodge sign on left side of road.
• Turn left on dirt road.
• Go 7/10 mile and turn right at Gobblers Ridge Lodge sign.
Need a Map to Gobbler's Ridge Lodge?
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