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Gobblers Ridge Lodge LLC
Located in the Beautiful Hills of West Virginia
Duane & Rachel Brown, Innkeepers
1125 Butchers Fork Road,  Linn, WV 26384  Phone (304) 462-4294
Gobblers Ridge Photo Collection
We are pleased to offer you a collection of photos of Gobbler's Ridge Lodge and its surrounding scenic beauty. You can view any photo in a separate window in "supersized" format by simply clicking on the photo.

Apple Butter in the Making - Melts in your Mouth
Apple Butter - The Taste Test
Making Apple Butter - Fun for All Ages
Bluegrass Pickin - In Progress...
Scenic Beauty Abounds at Gobbler's Ridge
Gobbler's Ridge Lodge - Rear View
Gobbler's Ridge - Relaxation in the Fresh Air
Tuning the Call
Apple Butter - Up Close and Personal
Ready for Finishing Touches
Apple Butter - Consistency Checking
Ready for Finishing Touches
Bring On the Fresh Apple Cider
Ready for Finishing Touches
Innkeeper Duane Brown Displaying Apples
Ready for Finishing Touches
Gobbler's Ridge Lodge - Rear of Lodge
Ready for Finishing Touches
Gobbler's Ridge Lodge - Side View
Ready for Finishing Touches
Genetic Dwarf Fruit Trees
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